"I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. In fact, I want to purchase a couple more for special friends that I know would like it. I don't want to lend mine out for fear of not getting it back, and it is something that I know I will reread often. You told a beautiful story and exposed so much of what makes you—you. It is nice to reach a reflective age and look back on one's life, the good and the bad. I felt I knew all the characters and visualized each description of where you were living. You have a wonderful way of making that possible. I think when someone has come from a traumatic beginning as you did it gives such character and depth to one’s personality. I smiled, teared, and rejoiced through the whole book. I wish I knew your grandmother Ilona, your darling Mami, she was quite the woman." —Sue Wisner

Unknown reader after a book signing: "You lived!" And hugged me.

"I devoured this book. From the moment I bought it I could not put it down. ZsuZsa draws us into the magic of her life, the magic of her. With wit and wisdom that can only come from a life lived to the fullest, she opens our hearts, our minds, our spirits. She shows us how to love life unequivocally—the good, the bad, and the ugly. I finished the book thinking: "I want to live life the way she does—no holds barred." —Diana Carr

"You are a superb writer, and Gathering Roses, Thorns and All is a gem not to be missed. Your book is truly special. Truly." —Joyce L. Faiola

"Your book casts a spell of romance—one that will appeal to so many women... It is uplifting and inspirational—it restores hope. We can get jaded by the passing years; reading your book I feel that romance—in whatever form, nature, beauty—is around the corner and accessible. All we need to do is look." —Liz Archambault

"You speak for me." —Betty Comstock